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About Dorrington Counselling

Barbara Dorrington, BSW M.Ed, offers a unique approach to working with people of all ages who have a history of trauma, either recent or in the more distant past.  Using her skills as a registered social worker, art therapist and a trauma and loss consultant supervisor, Barb developed Breathe! Rock! Draw! as a response to individuals struggling with ongoing stresses in their lives. This is a revolutionary program that is supported by brain research and encourages reconnection to the spirit of the self, recalibration of mind and body and reflection through creative means such as art and writing.

About Breathe! Rock! Draw!

“Breathe! Rock! Draw!” is a counselling program created in response to working with children, adolescents and adults using time-tested skill-based strategies from many different counselling models but also the most current and up-to-date brain research.  As with many models, attention is paid to how the person thinks, feels about these thoughts, and how the person reacts, using words or behaviour.  However, brain research has been very directive in its research to demonstrate that our bodies have a memory too. 

Breathe! Rock! Draw! educates the person about this brain science, as a way of repairing and refreshing one’s view towards a calmer life.

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Neurons that fire together in our brains, wire together.  However, repetition of skills that promote attention regulation, emotion regulation, body awareness and a positive sense of self help return us to a state of calm and create an ability to learn, imagine and hope.   

“Our brain is Velcro for negative memories and Teflon for positive memories. We are wired with a negative bias.  It's part of the survival instinct so negative memories easily stick and positive memories slip away.”  (Hanson, Buddha’s Brain, 2009)  

Example of a Breathe! Rock! Draw! skills-based strategy:

The Colour Walk

Applicable to all ages. 

Supplies Required: A willingness to participate

Goal: Develops mindfulness skills while rhythmically walking to increase self-regulation and attentiveness.  Mindfulness helps create a space between impulse and action when done repeatedly and over time.

Description of activity: Walk with an individual or small group around a building (outside if possible).  As the person  is walking, encourage quiet humming, give a reminder to relax the tongue, and ask the person to shift his/her head back and forth as the walk continues. Mindfully look for items in the environment that are the colour blue (or yellow, green, gold, red etc.)  The person tries to visually remember the items seen that match the chosen colour but also try to hang onto that list as he or she returns to the original room.

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